The WNBA Attendance Database provides a structure for attendance data for every WNBA game. Each game is listed with the following data fields:

  • Year
  • Day of Week
  • Month
  • Day of Month
  • Home Team
  • Away Team
  • Arena
  • Game Type (Preseason, Regular season, etc.)
  • Home Team Score
  • Away Team Score
  • Attendance
  • Box Score URL
  • Location City
  • Location State

There are some limitations to this data at this time:

  • Attendance data is not available from the WNBA box scores on their website until 2004.
  • Even after 2004, some games do not include attendance data. Preseasons games are especially affected.
  • Not all data from the WNBA website seems to be accurate. I have made a first pass at sanitizing arena names and locations, but there may still be inaccuracies.

The data is available for download as a Microsoft Excel workbook here. If you find any errors or have suggestions for expanding or exploring the database, please contact me on Twitter @wbbtimeline or via email to