By Unknown ca. 1902 photographer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Winter, 1892

Women’s basketball is documented as having started in the winter of 1892. The beginnings are fairly well-documented. But, as is true of the current day-to-day state of women’s basketball at all levels, there are large swaths of its history left uncovered.

The goals with Across the Timeline are fairly simple, and they are to:

  • Enhance the depth and breadth of information available about the history of women’s basketball online
  • Share interesting tidbits, especially when relevant to current events; and
  • Continually maintain that work

This includes all facets of the game, from its rules and their development to its stakeholders: players, coaches, officials, broadcasters, analysts, journalists, and fans. No one is out-of-bounds. Of course, that’s incredibly broad. Keeping in mind this is not a journalistic publication and is being run as a passion project and not a profitable endeavor, let’s narrow the vision.

To begin, the focus will be mostly on NCAA Division I women’s basketball and the WNBA (and their historic counterparts) in the United States. (As a quick side note, learning about and documenting those counterparts is an important part of this journey.) That is not to say other leagues and the history of basketball across the world will intentionally not be covered, but the base line has to be painted somewhere.

The court on which we play is sourced facts. Plenty of women’s basketball is open to subjectivity, but everything here — well, except perhaps this post — is based on provable truth.

To close out, let’s talk about the name. “Across the Timeline” is of course an incredibly clever (ahem, not provable) double entendre. In the game itself, the “timeline” refers to the center line on the court that separates the two goals. Getting the ballĀ across the timeline is a crucial part of the rules of most levels of the game. On the other hand, women’s basketball itself has a rich and storied historical timeline full of historical figures, dates, facts, and stories that will be covered here, coming very soon.

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