If you search for WNBA Draft data, you can find a lot of good information across many different websites. In fact, if you start from the WNBA Draft Wikipedia page, you can find comprehensive lists of every pick from every WNBA Draft.

However, if you want to pull particular subsets of data or perform analysis on the full set of drafts from 1997 onward, you have to do a lot of manual work. To help consolidate the breadth and depth of data available, I have assembled the first version of the WNBA Draft Database. To satisfy my own interests and start displaying the power of consolidating the data in this way, I began exploring the database in a series of posts leading up to the 2018 WNBA Draft:

At this time, the database includes the following information for every WNBA Draft: each WNBA draft pick, including the WNBA franchise making the pick, the player chosen, and that player’s primary position and prior team

The database is available for download as a Microsoft Excel workbook here. If you find any errors or have suggestions for expanding or exploring the database, please contact me on Twitter @wbbtimeline or via email to wbbtimeline@gmail.com.