Following up on the last post, On to the Draft, I am digging further in to the WNBA Draft database. As a note, I will be posting the full WNBA Draft database with updates for the 2018 WNBA Draft this Friday, April 10. One of the major questions that comes up surrounding a team’s potential draft picks is whether they will select based on need or the best available player. Based on that information, this time I am focusing on the positions of players drafted. Certainly that is not all that defines “need”, but it’s a starting point. Before getting in to the data, recall thatRead More →

The 22nd WNBA Draft will take place Thursday, April 12. The first round will be broadcast on ESPN2 starting at 7:00 EDT, followed by the second and third rounds on ESPNU. The Draft marks the transition from the college basketball season to the WNBA season, which tips off in May. In honor of the coming draft, I have compiled the first version of my WNBA Draft Database to assist in capturing the history of the draft and WNBA seasons as well as finding interesting facts and trends around the WNBA Draft. At this time, the database contains the following information: Each WNBA season, including thatRead More →

This past weekend brought the end of the 2017 – 2018 NCAA women’s basketball season, and congratulations are in order for the following teams: This opens the brief period between the NCAA season and the WNBA season, which will tip off next month. Meanwhile, the WNBA Draft will bridge the two seasons on April 12. In the meantime, we’ll explore how this NCAA season and Final Four fit into the history of Division I women’s basketball. To dip our toes in, we take a brief look at coaches in the NCAA Final Four, inspired in part by a recent thread of tweets from The JumpRead More →

By Unknown ca. 1902 photographer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Women’s basketball is documented as having started in the winter of 1892. The beginnings are fairly well-documented. But, as is true of the current day-to-day state of women’s basketball at all levels, there are large swaths of its history left uncovered. The goals with Across the Timeline are fairly simple, and they are to: Enhance the depth and breadth of information available about the history of women’s basketball online Share interesting tidbits, especially when relevant to current events; and Continually maintain that work This includes all facets of the game, from its rules and their development to its stakeholders: players, coaches, officials, broadcasters, analysts, journalists,Read More →